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New book review: So you want to be a palaeontologist? - Practical Advice for Fossil Enthusiasts of All Ages

Posted by David Penney on

We are very pleased to announce a nice new review of our title by David Penney, So You Want to be a Palaeontologist? Practical Advice for Fossil Enthusiasts of All Ages, just published in the latest edition (Fall 2017) of Priscum, the newsletter of the Palaeontological Society. Here is a brief snippet from the review:
"So You Want to Palaeontologist, subtitled Practical Advice for Fossil Enthusiasts of All Ages, addresses many of the topics that may be raised by an aspiring paleontologist, in particular, what do paleontologists actually do and where do they do it? Much of this is filtered through his own background and history, briefly reviewed in the Preface. Penney’s personal enthusiasm shows throughout. ... The final chapter is a very good synopsis of what it takes these days to pursue a career in paleontology. This includes summaries of needed skills, background coursework, and overall good advice on how to get involved in the field ... Overall, this is good introduction to the field of paleontology for someone contemplating a career or at least a dedicated avocation. It is well-written and illustrated with many color photos and diagrams. Granting that it is written from a British perspective, it is still accessible to readers from other countries."
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