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New book review: Amber Palaeobiology: Research Trends and Perspectives for the 21st Century

Posted by David Penney on

We are very pleased to announce a nice new review of our title by David Penney, Amber Palaeobiology: Research Trends and Perspectives for the 21st Century, just published in the latest edition (Fall 2017) of Priscum, the newsletter of the Palaeontological Society. Here is a brief snippet from the review:
"Amber studies is a niche even in paleontology and when I picked up this book I assumed that it was going to be targeted at that small community of researchers or enthusiastic collectors (with the hope of some neat photos). I am glad I was so wrong! ... The book then gets into the problems of paleotaxonomy and paleoecology in amber-bearing fossils. This is one of the best discussions on bias in the fossil record I have ever read (especially on one type of preservation), and the author has compiled the data and made figures that allow for an easy understanding of the issues. ... This book is definitely THE book to go to if you want to know more about general amber research and amber paleobiology and can be recommended for most audiences (both professional and amateur). The author did a great job of covering a lot of ground in a short amount of pages in a succinct and engaging way."
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