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BOOK REVIEW: Ichthyosaurs from the Early Jurassic of Britain

Posted by David Penney on

A very nice review of our recent title on Jurassic ichthyosaurs of Britain has just appeared in Fossils 2023, 1, 47–48:

Summary from the review: "This book will be an invaluable resource for all palaeontologists with an interest in ichthyosaurs. More than two centuries after the first scientific descriptions, our knowledge of these remarkable marine reptiles has increased enormously, and this volume provides a remarkable and up-to-date synthesis of the historically and scientifically important taxa from the Liassic of Britain. The numerous illustrations, most of them in colour (including the beautiful cover picture by John Sibbick), are of the high standard that is a hallmark of Siri Scientific publications"

For more information or to order a copy click the cover image below:

You can read the full open access review by clicking here.

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