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What people are saying about Siri Scientific Press

 "Siri Scientific Press (SSP) has quickly made a name for itself in producing high-quality scientific books and monographs that deal with natural history. Admitted, SSP has a niche product, but one that they excel at producing" Prof. Thomas Hegna, Western Illinois University, USA [academic reviewer]
"It is one of the most interesting pieces of writing I have ever seen in any academic book, not just a paleontological one; it’s a little out-there at times, but stick around for the last paragraph — that’s where it all comes together" Prof. Mike Meyer, Bucknell University, USA [academic reviewer]
"Your layouts are beautiful! The book is clearly on its way to becoming something that we will be very proud of. I cannot thank you enough! The books arrived safely and they are beautiful! The photographs look even sharper and with more color than they appear on my laptop. I am extremely happy with your results and with the reaction others have when they see the book. I can't thank you enough for providing an avenue for getting out important books that otherwise may not have materialized" Kenneth [Chris] Gass, USA [author]
"I’m really pleased with this volume and want to thank you for the incentive and for all the hard work of putting it together. It will be an excellent resource for many years to come and an inspiration to students to take up challenges in spider research" Prof. Yael Lubin, Ben-Gurion University, Israel [author]
"You have done a brilliant job in the production of it – congratulations" Dr. George Beccaloni, Natural History Museum, UK [customer]
"Editing of Biodiversity of Fossils in Amber was one of the best ideas in last decade" Christel Hoffeins, Germany [customer and secretary of the Amber Council, Germany]
"It looks really nice, I just ordered a second copy for our departmental display case" Prof. Jessica Garb, University of Massachusetts, USA [author]
"Splendid! Very well done and with a perfect lay-out … You did a very efficient and no-nonsense job. Thanks a lot" Dr. Rudy Jocque, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium [author]
"Working with Siri Scientific Press has allowed me to develop as a professional palaeontologist and to establish a firm foothold in academia, essentially resulting in worldwide scientific recognition from experts in the same field, in addition to new collaborative research opportunities in areas that are often very difficult to break into" Dean Lomax, University of Manchester, UK [author]
"An absolutely exemplary editor and publisher ... I've had lots of very positive comments on the appearance of the book, and stark amazement at how quickly you got it out - so, again, very many thanks indeed!!" Prof. Ted Benton, University of Essex, UK [author]
"It is a very very beautiful book!! A book I am proud of... Very glad to have worked with you" Prof. Michel Boulard, Paris, France [author]

"This is the book I always wanted to produce and you have made that possible....many thanks" Pete Lawrance, UK [author]

"I am most pleased with the book. The layout, photos, cover, etc. look great, and the overall quality of the printing, cover, paper etc. are excellent" Prof. David Hartnett, Kansas, USA [author]
"Just received the book, and it’s a cracker! Thanks for making it a reality" Dr Robert Coram, Dorset, UK [author]
"The books arrived and they are very nice indeed. I am delighted with the finished product" Steve Snowball [author] Steve Snowball


Additional correspondence:

"... we do have the books and they are lovely! We are very happy. Now having seen info and photos about paleo sites in Britain and Wales, we feel we should make a trip to see for ourselves. Thank you. Your company fills a really nice 'niche' ...we are glad that you are doing what you do!" Customer, Canada.