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We are pleased to announce that we now have ADVANCE COPIES of our forthcoming title: So you want to be a palaeontologist? available now on our website (click the cover below to go to the order page where you can also read the preface to the book). This title will not be formally released until April, so get your advance copy directly from the publisher now while stocks last!

It covers the diverse opportunities available in palaeontology as a career and provides practical advice on building up appropriate skill sets and experience to make you stand out from the crowd. This is a book that will appeal to anybody who wants to work with fossils and is aimed at a very broad audience. It will be of use to those at school (and their parents) wondering what to do with their future to those in retirement with time on their hands and (most probably) a lifetime of transferable skills that can be applied to some element of palaeontology.

So you want to be a palaeontologist

What people are saying

I want to be a palaeontologist’. A sentence that palaeontologists hear all too often, which is great but giving the best (and most appropriate) advice to that child/student/adult can be difficult. The science has evolved so much that it encompasses many sub-disciplines and areas which most individuals stating that sentence would never consider to be palaeontology. Palaeontology, at least to most people, is simply dinosaurs yet they form a tiny fraction of what the science truly is – the entire history of prehistoric life. Growing up, I had little in the way of guidance (but had moral support) for a career in palaeontology but was certain I would be a palaeontologist regardless of what I had to do. But, for many, the interest in a career in this science often fizzles out because it seems to be a career that has no straight arrow or guidance. This is where ‘So you want to be a palaeontologist?’ excels. If you are an aspiring palaeontologist, fossil enthusiast or would simply like to understand what palaeontology is and who studies it, then you need this book. It is a must.
Dean R. Lomax – Palaeontologist (Honorary Visiting Scientist at the University of Manchester) and Presenter of ITV’s Dinosaur Britain.
We already have one very happy customer (actually it was a gift)! Gabs is crazy about dinosaurs and is determined to be a palaeontologist when she is older. If this book helps her achieve that goal then it will have served its purpose well. However, as specified on the cover, this is a book that will be of interest and use regardless of your age!


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  • Hi David.
    I’ve just received my copies of your book “I want to be a palaeontologist” and I just wanted to say what an excellent book it is and thank you for mentioning me and my brother. As usual, the standard of the publications that come out of Siri Scientific Press is exceptional.
    All the best
    Nick Hanigan

    Nick Hanigan on

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