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BOOK REVIEW: Homo sapiens - An appraisal of modern humans

Posted by David Penney on

We would like to thank Dr Richard L. Rose, author and member of the Citizens Climate Lobby in Richmond, USA for his review of our recent title: Homo sapiens - An appraisal of modern humans by Rajan Jaisinghani.

"It is a splendid reference and, as John Abraham says, it is refreshingly candid and frank. I admire the direct approach you have taken to our Great Predicament and cannot help but to agree, however reluctantly, with your assessment of human behavior. Does one supply data and hope for understanding and action? No, energy and desire must be emotionally recruited by education of body, mind, and spirit. As Wordsworth and other Romantics awakened a population, as St. Francis awakened a reform, as the Salt March awakened a movement, we need awakenings from the common trance to confront the issues in your book."

This is a book about what we need to do (collectively) in order to secure a better future for ourselves and our future generations ... but we need to act NOW! This is not a nice story book with a happy ending. It is a realistic, no-holds-barred appraisal of the human race in the 21st century, which also sets out the prerequisites necessary to better manage our impact on the planet, which is absolutely NOT SUSTAINABLE in its current form! At only £12 can you really afford not to read it? To find out more about this title and order a copy click the over image below. 

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