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Forthcoming title: BRITISH TRILOBITES

Posted by David Penney on

Trilobites represent one of the most iconic fossil groups. They were incredibly diverse in the Palaeozoic seas but are now extinct. Following on from our two highly popular books on trilobites already published, we are very pleased to announce the forthcoming new title: British Trilobites by Dr Robert Kennedy and with photography by Sinclair Stammers.

British Trilobites

This work is still in the early stages of production and we expect it will be ready sometime mid-late 2016. If you would like to keep updated about this title please follow us on Facebook. If you need some additional trilobite reading in the meantime then check out our two books already published (you can see more information, including snippets of published reviews) on the product pages of our website which you can access by clicking the covers below.

                                             Ordovician Trilobites of Southern Ontario Canada    Trilobites of the World

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  • Thanks for your comment George. I will certainly keep the trilobites Facebook group informed about the availability of this and related titles. If you want to be kept abreast of all our new and forthcoming palaeo titles, in addition to being notified of published reviews and special offers etc. then just follow our Facebook page here:

    David Penney on
  • Please keep us posted on the facebook trilobites group on the availability of this book David.
    I still need to purchase your Ordovician Trilobites before I can get your British Trilobites.
    Thank you! George Hansen

    George Hansen on

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