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Book Review: Homo Sapiens - An appraisal of modern humans

Posted by David Penney on

A great 5* review of our recent title HOMO SAPIENS: AN APPRAISAL OF MODERN HUMANS has just been published on the website. It reads as follows:

5.0 out of 5 stars
A clarion call even for those already very familiar with global climate change
ByJennifer Graetzon October 12, 2015

It is difficult to summarize the fascinating research and analysis within Homo Sapiens: An Appraisal of Modern Humans. The author adeptly weaves together ancient philosophy, astro-physics, psychology, historical events and politics to support his cogent thesis: homo sapiens has done irreparable damage to the planet, but it is not too late to mitigate its effects. Having lived in a number of the countries sited by the author, I have witnessed the first-hand effects of dessertification, over-population, and pollution on the world. They are evident in Nigeria’s annual dusty harmattan or dust storms and India’s winter “fog” or severe pollution. It is my hope that books such as these are used in classrooms throughout the world to demonstrate to children the error of our ways and the potential solutions which will require a drastic change to the standard American way of life.

Homo sapiens an appraisal of modern humans

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