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Bakewell Fossil Show 2015 - mini review

Posted by David Penney on

On Saturday we attended the Bakewell Fossil Show and as per previous years it was well organized and well attended. It was nice to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones. As usual, there was a diverse array of fossils available (in addition to minerals, crystals, meteorites, etc.) and we were lucky enough to pick up a few choice specimens, including a very nice mammoth tooth and a substantial iguanotontid dinosaur vertebra .... keep you eyes open for these specimens in one of our forthcoming books. We will certainly be attending again next year!

wolly mammoth tooth and iguanodonitid dinosaur vertebra

Mammoth tooth and iguanodontid dinosaur vertebra

Trilobites of the World Pete Lawrance

Our author Pete Lawrance with a copy of his Trilobites of the World atlas

Fossils on display at Bakewell Fossil Show

Fossils on display at Bakewell Fossil Show

Some examples of the fossils on display

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