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New book reviews: So you want to be a palaeontologist? and A guide to fossil collecting in England and Wales

Posted by David Penney on

We are pleased to announce the recent publication of nice reviews of two of our recent titles in the latest edition of Down to Earth Magazine (February 2018, number 102, page 32). The books reviewed are: So you want to be a palaeontologist? Practical advice for fossil enthusiasts of all ages by David Penney.

(snippets): ...this book takes the subject of palaeontology apart to demonstrate what a study of fossils entails, how it can be studied and then what anyone studying it can do with their new found knowledge and collecting talent. … It is full of practical advice and it's not just aimed at youngsters, fossil enthusiasts of all ages will get much information from it. It takes people on a journey from the basic pastime of collecting and shows how you can get so much more from the hobby, maybe even turning it into a career. … There's a fascinating introduction which gives us an insight into the life and times of the author and how his passion for fossils began and was nurtured. In this, and the answers to the questions, we gain great insight into the subject and its application. … The author provides good practical advice which sometimes includes the potential pitfalls and difficulties that may be encountered. … I liked this book a lot, far more than I thought I would. David Penney comes across as a warm individual who is passionate about his subject, who wants others to share that passion.

Also reviewed was A guide to fossil collecting in England and Wales by Steve Snowball and Craig Chapman.

(snippets): … this book will be a welcome addition for many in the wider amateur geological community. Even if you don't personally collect fossils, places where they can be collected are always great places to visit and this book is always at great pains to place the locality into its geological framework whether that be time or palaeoenvirionment. ... For each of the chosen localities there's good information about access and site safety issues. ... I'm happy to recommend this book.

As usual, please click the covers to visit the product page and learn more about this title and view our current special offers.

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