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NEW BOOK REVIEW: Field Guide to Butterflies of The Philippines

Posted by David Penney on

We are pleased to announce a nice review of our recent title: Field Guide to Butterflies of The Philippines has just been published in the latest edition of Antenna, the Bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society (2018, 42(1): 36, - snippets): "The book was written by two experienced lepidopterists: Peter B. Hardy, a retired civil servant with a passion for Lepidoptera from Cheshire who is the sole author of ‘Butterflies of Greater Manchester’ and (co)author of some 50 papers on butterfly ecology and diversity, and Dr James M. Lawrence of the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa who is the author of ‘Field Guide to Butterflies of Seychelles’ and some 30 papers devoted to ecology and conservation of invertebrates ... The book constitutes a reliable visual guide to butterflies of the Philippines and will be useful both for the beginners and for experienced entomologists. Moreover, it is safe to assume that the audience of this richly illustrated book will potentially be very broad and include not only entomologists, but also wildlife photographers and interested eco-tourists. Indeed, the book is good value for money. I highly recommend this book to both amateur and professional entomologists alike.

This title is currently on limited time sale (£10 discount) on our website. Click the cover below for more info and to order your copy.

From the foreword:This work will undoubtedly generate a new era in the study of butterflies of this region, an accessible guide that will underpin many a serious study to come in butterfly biology, ecology and, most importantly, conservation.
Prof Roger L.H. Dennis FRES, FLS – IESR Staffordshire University

From the back cover
The need for a comprehensive field guide to the butterflies of the Philippines has long been apparent. Interest in the butterflies in this country is rapidly moving away from the museum and commercial collector approach towards appreciating them as living organisms with a significant role in the ecosystem.

All the 947 known Philippine butterfly species are listed in this book, with two-thirds of them illustrated, mostly from life (1,080 photographs, supplemented with an additional 176 photographs of museum specimens), on the 157 colour plates. These plates should permit the interested amateur naturalist to identify any of the commoner species, and indeed most of the more localised ones.

The detailed introductory section discusses Philippine geography, climate, vegetation and butterfly biology, including taxonomy, life cycle, adult intraspecific variation, mimicry, biogeography and conservation. An index to scientific and vernacular names is included.

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