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Forthcoming title: Fossils of Folkestone, Kent

Posted by David Penney on

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our titles currently in preparation: Fossils of Folkestone, Kent by Philip Hadland, due for publication in 2017.

Fossils of Folkestone, Kent

Phil studied geology at Liverpool, followed by a Masters degree in Palaeobiology at Bristol, graduating ten years ago. Since then he has volunteered in the geology department of Bristol City Museum and worked at Canterbury City Council Museums. He has also worked in the Earth Sciences collections department at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. He is chairman of GeoconservationKent and does a lot of voluntary work for local museums.

He had the following to say about his book: "Folkestone is surely one of the top ten places to look for fossils in Britain. The variety of fossils that can be found there is truly staggering. For centuries geologists have visited Folkestone, mainly attracted by the beautiful Gault clay ammonites that are so abundantly found along the beach. Aside from ammonites and other invertebrate fossils, a rich variety of vertebrates has been found, including rare dinosaur remains. However, I believe there is an untapped potential for new and exciting discoveries at Folkestone.

The book aims to showcase the spectacular fossils that can be found at Folkestone and act as a family-friendly identification guide for anyone collecting fossils there. I hope it also encourages more people to collect in the region. Most of the specimens featured in this book come from my own collection. However, many specimens were gathered by other people I have met while collecting at Folkestone and various museums have also agreed to contribute to the project, in terms of access to their collections."

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