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Siri Scientific Press at the Tucson fossil show 2016

Posted by David Penney on

Many of you will be aware that the Tucson Fossil Show in Arizona is one of the largest events in the palaeo calendar. Fossil dealers and collectors come from all over the world to marvel at the incredible wealth of material on display.

  A nice Ceraurus trilobite on display at the show (photos by Phillip Isotalo)

Although we have not yet made it to the show in person, several of our our titles have done so, courtesy of various different dealers from the UK and the USA.

Cindy Howells from National Museum of Wales, with a couple of our titles (photo by John Nudds)

Another of our trilobites titles (photo by Phillip Isotalo)

Various people were overheard commenting on the Ordovician trilobites book, and the author informed me that he heard comments along the lines of, “this is an extremely valuable resource” and “this book should be on every trilobite enthusiasts book shelf.

These were just a few of our titles on offer at the show. To see our full range of palaeontology titles and to read independent reviews (including of the above books), please click here.

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