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Homo sapiens: an appraisal of modern humans submitted for the Royal Society of Biology book awards 2016

Posted by David Penney on

We are pleased to announce that our title: Homo sapiens: an appraisal of modern humans by Rajan Jaisinghani has been submitted for the prestigious Royal Society of Biology book awards 2016.

We believe that the concluding comments of Richard Vernon's (Secretary of the Oxford Branch of Population Matters) review of January 23, 2016, say it all: "...this is one of the most important books, for humanity, the environment and hence our future, that I have read." It is for this very reason that we kept the RRP at only £12.00 in the hope that it would be accessible to as broad a readership as possible.

To read more reviews and for further information or to order a copy visit the product page by clicking the cover image

From the back cover
Why Homo sapiens, a seemingly intelligent species, continues to irreparably damage the Earth, so vital to not only our own survival but to that of all the intertwined living things around us, is passionately and insightfully addressed here by Rajan Jaisinghani. The book encompasses almost everything related to Homo sapiens—the environment, collective behaviour and psychology, population and economics, governance and politics, philosophy and art. It discusses the difficult steps we might take to begin to ameliorate this damage, the necessary pre-requisites for such repair, and ends with a semi-fictional chapter on life in 2050. Uniquely, the book uses the conditions in India as a warning to the rest of the world; India is akin to a laboratory experiment in which extreme population is the dominant parameter. While it is technically accurate and includes much research, the book is written in a style easily understood by everyone. It is a must read for anyone interested in a realistic and logistical view of the trends that have been developing over the last 200 years and which look set to continue into the future.

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