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British Polacanthid Dinosaurs - Addendum

Posted by David Penney on

As is often the case with published works, some errors do creep in that are not noticed until the book has been printed. The purpose of this blog post is to correct two small errors in our monograph on British Polacanthid Dinosaurs by William T. Blows.

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But first, a couple of weeks ago I took my daughter to the Natural History Museum in London where she was able to get hands on with spikes, plates and other fossilized elements of these remarkable dinosaurs. If you like dinosaurs then the Natural History Museum is definitely the place to visit ... and remember that Dippy the large sauropod in the main hall will be going off display in a few months time ... so get there soon if you want to see this iconic specimen in its current setting!

Siri getting hands on with polacanthids

Dippy at the Natural History Museum London

Dippy in the main hall of the NHM

Figure 6.2. The legend does not match the figure labels. For the existing figure the legend should read:

Figure 6.2 NHMUK R175: Polacanthus foxii holotype hind limb bones. A. B. Right femur. A. Anterior view. B. posterior view. C. H. Left femur. C. Posterior view. H. Anterior view. D-G. Left tibia. D. Posterior view. E. Anterior view. F. Proximal end view. G. Distal end view.
Scale bar for A-E and H = 40mm, for F-G = 30mm.
But to correct the problem is easy. Book owners just need to change the letters on the figure 6.2 as follows:
D to E
E to F
F to G
G to H
H to D

This will make the figure fit the legend.
Figure 7.12 has a discrepancy between the number on the figure for the spine section, which is NHMUK 3872, but in the legend below it is NHMUK 3782. They should both read as NHMUK 3782.

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