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First REAL Tyrannosaurus rex to go on display in Europe opens tomorrow!

Posted by David Penney on

These days many museums have excellent replica fossils of the the most famous dinosaur of all, Tyrannosaurus rex. But these all fade into insignificance next to the real thing. The first real fossil specimen of a complete T. rex skeleton to go on display in Europe opens to the public tomorrow at the Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin. The 12 metre-long skeleton of this remarkable adult predator, which has been named Tristan, forms the center piece of a greatly anticipated exhibition. Tristan's missing bones were reconstructed using 3D printing technology.

T. rex Berlin
Tristan the T. rex on display at the MfN, Berlin (photo by Carola Radke, MfN)


For the past six months, scientists from the museum have been researching the 65+ million-year-old remains of Tristan. The skeleton originates from Montana, USA, where it was discovered in 2012. It belongs to a Danish businessman and is on loan to the Natural History Museum in Berlin for three years, so there is ample time to get over there in order to see it.

Of course, Europe has its own dinosaurs, including tyrannosauroids, such as Juratyrant and Eotyrannus to name just two. Indeed, the term 'dinosaur' was coined in the 1840s by a British scientist for a fossil found in the UK! If you would like to find out more about the diverse dinosaur fauna of the British Isles, then check out a couple of our recent titles. Clicking the covers will take you to the product pages where you can find more information, read reviews and place an order if you wish.


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  • Great! I am pleased to hear of 3D printing being used, and would love for that to be more used, with laser-scanning, to make accurate model replicas (skulls, skeletons, trackways etc – of extinct and extant species) available for researchers, pupils, hobbyists – adults and children. This would be a boon for enjoyable hands-on learning! (Making it possible where the real specimens are fragile/rare/far away or too large to be manageable.)

    armadillozenith on

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