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True Bugs of the World nominated for the Royal Ent Soc Westwood Medal

Posted by David Penney on

We are very proud to announce that our recent title True Bugs of the World (Hemiptera: Heteroptera): classification and natural history (Second Edition) by Randall T. Schuh & Christiane Weirauch has been nominated for the highly prestigious Westwood Medal, issued by the Royal Entomological Society and which aims to recognise excellence in taxonomy.

The criteria for selection are stated as follows: "The best comprehensive taxonomic work on a group of insects, or, related arthropods (including terrestrial and freshwater hexapods, myriapods, arachnids and their relatives). Typically, this will be a taxonomic revision or monograph. Open to authors from any country who demonstrate the highest standards of descriptive taxonomy in the work nominated."

We would like to congratulate our authors on this achievement and wish them the best of luck with the rest of the judging process.

Click the cover to go to the product page for more information about this title.

Siri Scientific Press (1 Jan 2020) 978-0-9957496-9-6 (Monograph Series Volume 8), 800 pp, 240 x 165 mm, hard cover, 182 black & white photographs (SEMs) & illustrations, 32 colour plates.

The award is named in honour of the leading 19th century British entomologist, John Obadiah Westwood (1805-1893). Westwood was the inaugural holder of the Hope Chair of Entomology at the University of Oxford, when it was established by the Reverend F.W. Hope in 1863. Westwood was one of the original group of founding members of the then Entomological Society of London in 1833 and served as President for three separate periods, 1851-1852, 1872-1873 and 1876-1877. In 1883 he was elected to the unique position of Honorary Life President of the Society. He was a prolific author and published on most groups of insects and illustrated his own works, and those of many others, with his exquisite drawings and paintings. It is particularly appropriate that this award by the Royal Entomological Society should be dedicated to this early pioneer of insect taxonomy.


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