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Surviving the Coronavirus Gym Lockdown - are you ready for the second wave?

Posted by David Penney on

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Some of you will be aware that the founder of Siri Scientific Press is also a keen powerlifter and he has placed first in his age/weight category (M2, -105kg) at various competitions over the past three years, and earlier this year, placed second on the national stage at the British Bench Press Championships held in February. He is also a qualified GB Powerlifting Coach.

David Penney British Bench Press Championships 2020

He takes his training very seriously. On a normal day (six days per week) he wakes up at 4.30am to be in the gym for 5.45 in order to train for two hours before the wife and kids wake up. So, when it was announced that the gyms were going to close as part of the Coronavirus lockdown, he realized that immediate action needed to be taken in order to put a plan in place that would allow him and his wife (a gym instructor and personal trainer) to continue training themselves and their clients, especially as they did not have any suitable equipment at home.

This work constitutes a chapter from a forthcoming book on Masters Powerlifting, but given the content may help and/or be of interest to others (especially powerlifters and personal trainers) during these difficult times, it was decided to release it prior to completion of the book, which is a long way off.

The work is very much a personal account of how the author and his wife overcame the loss of commercial training facilities and still managed to maintain their respective training programs and 1-1 PT business, once the social distancing restrictions permitted. It will also be of interest to regular gym goers who focus on lifting weights rather than just working out on cardio machines.

Dr David Penney is also the author of Escape the Fat Trap: it’s not rocket science!

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