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New title in preparation: Fossils of the Milwaukee Formation.

Posted by David Penney on

We are very pleased to announce the latest title that is currently in the early stages of preparation, so probably will not be ready for release until late 2018 or early 2019. The title is: Fossils of the Milwaukee Formation: A Middle Devonian Paleoecosystem from Wisconsin, USA by Kenneth (Chris) Gass.

Fossils of the Milwaukee Formation

This will be a pictorial guide to the animals and plants that lived during the Devonian Period in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, over 380 million years ago, as told by the fossils they left behind. This heavily illustrated book (600 colour photos and line drawings) is supported by the author’s more than fifty years of fieldwork and research on the Milwaukee Formation. Being the first book written on the subject since 1911, it presents in one place a revealing update of its fossilized fauna and flora, and a comprehensive review of the discovery of the formation. It also points to significant insights that have resulted from studying its fossils, ranging from simply revealing new species to providing evidence used in various studies such as the one that attempted to counter the theory of Punctuated Equilibria.

Provisional contents

Cementing Its Place in History
The Lost 100 Years?
The Milwaukee Formation: Its Stratigraphic Position and Subdivisions
Life in Devonian Milwaukee
The Microfossils
The Corals
The Conulariids
The Bryozoans
The Brachiopods
The Snails
The Clams
The Cephalopods
The Annelid Worms
The Trilobites
The Phyllocarids
The Echinoderms
The Fishes
The Plants

Chris previously published his other book with us, which is currently available on our website. Click the cover below to go the page where you can read some great reviews, find out more and order your copy should you wish to do so.

The fossils of blackberry hill

What people are saying about this book

Fossil News (Fall 2016: 51, abridged snippets): "...a beautiful, extensively illustrated book on one of the more important Middle Cambrian trace fossil deposits in the United States (the book contains 81 high-quality figures, most of them in colour and published only in this volume). …a great addition to the library of anyone interested in trace fossils, Cambrian life, or the early invasion of land. For professionals, the book offers excellent images of the trace and body fossils of Blackberry Hill, as well as an extensive reference list. For amateur paleontologists, it provides a nice introduction to the importance of trace fossils in the fossil record (and includes a thorough terminology section, which helps with understanding the geological, ichnological and biological terms used throughout the text).

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