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New Reviews: Why Nature Conservation Isn't Working: Understanding Wildlife in the Modern World

Posted by David Penney on

We are pleased to announce that our latest title: Why Nature Conservation Isn't Working: Understanding Wildlife in the Modern World by Dr Adrian Spalding is now available (click the cover below to go to the product page for more info or to order a copy).

Synopsis: Species are central to nature conservation, but we see wildlife as adjuncts to people without connection with their authentic habitats. With this limited view, we cannot save wildlife from extinction. Concentration on iconic species achieves brilliant publicity but looks after the icing whilst the cake crumbles beneath.

What people are saying

This thought-provoking new book by entomologist Adrian Spalding is an enjoyable and fascinating read. It covers many subjects of great interest to UK insect recorders, including species introductions, rewilding, migration, butterflies and roads, monitoring, use by wildlife of post-industrial landscapes, to name but a few. The index entries demonstrate this is no dry and dusty textbook, which include Mike Tyson, Theresa May, Christiano Ronaldo, Only Fools and Horses, Moby Dick, Private Eye, David Attenborough and the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (and let's not forget the Peppered Moth). A unique collection for a unique book. We recommend it.
Mark Tunmore, Atropos website

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, particularly the author’s journey through the natural world and his personal experiences in footnotes and reminiscences. The book considers the unstable state of species over the planet. You are not asked to agree with his points of view on issues, which often involve compromise, but you are challenged to think about issues in a phase space between art and science, beauty and cruelty, good and evil, dominated by humans. You will find you are drawn to read it in a single sitting."
Professor R.L.H. Dennis BA, PhD, DSc, FLS, FRGS, FRSB, FRES

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