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New Book Reviews: West Dorset Fossil Collecting and Trilobites of the World

Posted by David Penney on

The latest edition of Deposits Magazine has just landed on my desk and I am happy to report that two of our books are reviewed within its pages. They include or most recent title: A Guide to Fossil Collecting on the West Dorset Coast


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Deposits Magazine (2018, issue 56, page 43, snippets): This newly published guide is another near-perfect fossil book from Siri Scientific Press, who are rapidly becoming my favourite publisher of esoteric palaeontology. … As a guide for amateurs on the geology, history of collecting and palaeontology of this part of the British coast, this guide is hard to beat. … Best of all are the numerous full colour photos of the fossils themselves, to allow identification, and the beautiful artistic interpretations of what the Triassic and Jurassic seas may have looked like by Andreas Kurpisz. … I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who has been to West Dorset to collect fossils or anyone who is intending to go. It is also worth owning just to admire the pictures.


Also reviewed is our very well received: Trilobites of the World: An Atlas of 1000 Photographs


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Deposits Magazine (2018, issue 56, page 40, snippets): The guide contains a valuable introduction to trilobite history, morphology and their likely behaviour, and short discussions of the major trilobite deposits worldwide. There is then a country-by-country display of trilobite photographs from oldest to youngest. And it is in these pages that you become aware of the true wonder of these intriguing extinct animals. …. Pete Lawrence has about 50 years of experience collecting and identifying trilobites, and Sinclair Stammers is a professional scientific photographer, with a lifelong passion for prehistoric life. Together, they have created a beautifully illustrated guide showing the exquisiteness and variety of this intriguing group of extinct animals. There is no doubt that the guide is suitable for anybody interested in trilobites, including academics and fossil collectors, because the variety and beauty of the trilobites illustrated are astonishing.



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