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New Book Review: Trilobites of the British Isles

Posted by David Penney on

We are pleased to announce a nice book review of our recent title: Trilobites of the British Isles has just been published in the latest edition of Fossil News: Snippets as follows:

Fossil News (Winter 2018 [21.4]: 48-50, edited snippets): The trilobite bookshelf has long lacked a volume dedicated to a detailed examination of the fascinating examples of these arthropods that can be found in the British Isles. ... The specimens pictured and described are of exemplary quality, preservation, and value. The many illustrated specimens come from the most important British historical collections, including those of the Natural History Museum of London, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and the University of Birmingham’s Lapworth Museum. The contributions of private collectors were also fundamental to the book, and specimens from Kennedy’s own collection are shown.

Information regarding individual specimens includes excellent photographs that allow readers to recognize the many different trilobite species with ease. Each photograph is accompanied by a caption that reports genus and species, the author or authors who first described the fossil, stratigraphic data, the current location of the specimen, and the fossil’s dimension. Specimens that are especially rare or whose preservation is particularly remarkable can be appreciated in full-page spreads.

Among the book’s 343 different species and subspecies, especially worthy of note are Olenus gibbus Wahlenberg 1818; the extremely rare Macropyge chermi Stubblefield 1927 from the Cambrian; Ogyginus? (new species); the Ordovician trilobite Pricyclopyge binodosa Salter in Murchison 1859; Deiphon barrandei Whittard 1934 and Acaste downingae Murchison 1839, both Silurian species; and the sublime Paladin mucronatus McCoy 1844 from the Carboniferous. The list of favorites could go on, so let the pleasure of discovery belong to the reader.

For more info, more reviews or to order a copy at £5.00 discount visit the product page by clicking the cover below.

Trilobites of the British Isles Siri Scientific Press


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