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New book review and special offer: BRITISH POLACANTHID DINOSAURS

Posted by David Penney on

We are very pleased to announce that a nice new review of our recent title: British Polacanthid Dinosaurs by William T. Blows, has just been published in the latest Newsletter of the Palaeontological Association (March 2017, number 94: 97-98) and are pleased to offer a further reduction of £5.00 on our already discounted price using the code: PALASS17 until Sunday.

The following is taken from the review (slightly edited): The bulk of the monograph, chapters 3 to 7, are a description of the skeleton as preserved in individual specimens in museum collections. These chapters are richly illustrated with photographs, mostly in colour, of the bones and teeth, and are the primary reason to get hold of the book: it’s an invaluable identification guide.  The figures are clear and set against a white background, often with multiple views of individual bones. ... this monograph adds substantially to the recent literature on British dinosaurs as it fills in the gaps left by other works. It ticks the boxes for the dinosaur enthusiast, with a smattering of history and anecdotes and plenty of bones. I believe this monograph to be the life’s work of the author; it reveals a man’s passion for an enigmatic dinosaur group and the result is an essential part of the library of anyone who shares the love of dinosaurs.

Click on the cover below to go to the product page for more information about this title and to take advantage of our discount offer now.

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