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BOOK REVIEW: Ordovician Trilobites of Southern Ontario

Posted by David Penney on

A nice review of our recent title: Ordovician Trilobites of Southern Ontario, Canada and the Surrounding Region by Phillip Isotalo has just been published in the latest Newsletter of the Palaeontological Association (No. 90, pages 107-108). Some snippets from the review follow:

"This is an enchanting book, and a welcome addition to any trilobite-lover’s library. It is basically an illustrated guide to the trilobites of a classic region of North America, with all the photographs in colour, some being full-page.

It is now 36 years since the publication of Rolf Ludvigsen’s admirable Fossils of Ontario Part 1: The Trilobites, and as David Rudkin notes in his Foreword, many additional species from Ontario have been collected, described and illustrated since then. The time was ripe for another book on the trilobite treasure-trove of southern Ontario, and this fulfills all expectations. Both amateur palaeontologists and professionals less familiar with the region can benefit greatly from it. It is nicely written and clearly presented."

To see more information about this title (including the complete foreword by Dr David Rudkin of the Royal Ontario Museum) and to place an order click the cover below:

... and don't forget to check out our other trilobite title (and we have several more in preparation).

  Trilobites of the World

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