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Author Interview: Raj Jaisinghani on life in 2050

Posted by David Penney on

Yesterday, the author of our recent title: Homo sapiens: An appraisal of modern humans appeared on WRIR radio talking about his remarkable new book, including why he wrote it and what inspired him to do so. One very important point he makes is that we need a realistic view of what is happening and what is going to happen in terms of the collective effects of human activities on our planet. Raj's book is unique in this regard because other books on this topic do not consider the synergistic effects of the full range of variables that impact on the multitude of issues of current concern. Much of the interview is based around the final chapter of his book, which is a semi-fictional account of a young man living in a mega-metropolis just 35 years from now in 2050. This chapter is based on current and emerging trends around the world and should serve as a wake up call to us all. I certainly do not relish the idea of my daughters living like this! The bottom line is simply this: If we don't value how our society operates beyond the concept of economic growth and change our value system accordingly, then we don't have much chance of doing the right things in order to offset a potentially unpleasant future for the majority of the global population! You can listen to the full interview with Raj by clicking here then clicking on the Lightly on the Ground with Sunny Gardener link (4 November) (note this podcast will only be available for two weeks). For more information about Raj's book click the cover image below.

“The book is destined to fill a gulf between the hard depressing science of climate change and ecology and an idyllic world where consequences are for tomorrow, not today… Rajan provides a lens to show us a world where we fail to take action. A world where we fail to learn the lessons of our past (and our present).” Dr. John Abrahams, Professor, Thermal and Fluid Sciences, St. Thomas School of Engineering, MN. (October 12, 2015):  5.0 out of 5 stars By Jennifer Graetzon [edited]
"A clarion call even for those already very familiar with global climate change
It is difficult to summarize the fascinating research and analysis within Homo Sapiens: An Appraisal of Modern Humans. The author adeptly weaves together ancient philosophy, astro-physics, psychology, historical events and politics to support his cogent thesis: Homo sapiens has done irreparable damage to the planet, but it is not too late to mitigate its effects. Having lived in a number of the countries cited by the author, I have witnessed the first-hand effects of dessertification, over-population, and pollution on the world. They are evident in Nigeria’s annual dusty harmattan or dust storms and India’s winter “fog” or severe pollution. It is my hope that books such as this are used in classrooms throughout the world to demonstrate to children the error of our ways and the potential solutions which will require a drastic change to our standard way of life."

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