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Ever Wondered about the First Animals on Land - Listen to our author radio interview

Posted by David Penney on

Have you ever wondered about what the first animals to move from the oceans onto the land looked like?

How about whether or not there is any evidence of them in the fossil record and if so where does it come from and what are the key fossils that provide the clues?

The answers to these questions have been provided in our beautifully illustrated book: Solving the Mystery of the First Animals on Land: The Fossils of Blackberry Hill, published in July.

To find out more about the remarkable fossil trackways and body fossils of the first forays onto land you can listen to a radio interview with the author Kenneth (Chris) Gass, which he gave on Wisconsin Public Radio yesterday, by clicking this link. On this page there is also a link to purchase the book, but please note that it will be considerably cheaper for you if you purchase it directly via our website, should you wish to do so. Happy listening!


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