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A new genus of British dinosaur!

Posted by David Penney on

A new genus of British dinosaur has just been formally erected for Polacanthus rudgwickensis described by William T Blows in 1996. The specimen consists of one nearly complete dorsal vertebra, a dorsal vertebral centrum, an anterior caudal vertebra, fragments of other vertebrae, the proximal end of the left scapula with a fused coracoid fragment, a distal end of a humerus, a nearly complete right tibia, rib fragments, two dermal bones and many small fragments.

Dorsal vertebra of the new genus in posterior, lateral and anterior views

The new genus, Horshamosaurus Blows, 2015 is formally erected, justified and diagnosed, along with comprehensive descriptions and illustrations of all the fossilized elements of the specimen, in our latest monograph (Volume 7), entitled: British Polacanthid Dinosaurs - Observations on the history and palaeontology of the UK polacanthid armoured dinosaurs and their relatives. You can get 10% off this title using the code: HORSHAM at checkout ... valid for 3 days only!

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