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New ITV documentary part based on our book Dinosaurs of the British Isles

Posted by David Penney on

DINOSAUR BRITAIN, a new 2-part documentary due to be screened on ITV August 31 and September 1st is, in large part, a direct result of the publication of our book Dinosaurs of the British Isles by Dean Lomax and Nobumichi Tamura, the former author also being a co-presenter in the show.

Dean and Ellie during filming of the documentary

Dinosaur Britain tells the amazing story of many of the dinosaurs that once roamed our country revealing how they hunted, what they ate and how they died from the evidence revealed from their bones. Presenter Ellie Harrison, who fell in love with dinosaurs as a child, teams up with 25‐year‐old Dean Lomax (one of our authors) to bring Dinosaur Britain to life as never before. Ellie and Dean come ‘face to face’ with incredible CGI dinosaurs against the backdrop of some of Britain’s most famous landmarks – including Big Ben and Stonehenge.

This is definitely a documentary not to be missed by any dinosaur fan! To mark the significance of our book to the inception of this series we are offering a limited time 10% discount on Dean's book Dinosaurs of the British Isles, using this code at checkout: DINOBRITAIN

If you can't wait for this great documentary (a first for British dinosaur palaeontology) buy Dean's book now to get a taste of what is to come. Certainly you will want to order a copy after watching it ... enjoy!

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