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Trilobites of the World book review/SPECIAL OFFER

Posted by David Penney on

Our 2014 title Trilobites of the World: An atlas of 1000 photographs has just received a very nice review in the Summer 2015 edition of Priscum (the Newsletter of the Paleontological Society) and to mark one year following the release of the book we are offering a LIMITED TIME (ONE WEEK ONLY) SPECIAL OFFER of 10% DISCOUNT off this title with the following code (apply at checkout): PRISCUM15 (this code will expire at 11.00 am BST on Monday 24th August)

Some snippets from the review: "...they have presented a stunning array of trilobite photos in their new volume Trilobites of the World. The book contains 1000 colour photos of almost 700 species—and they are amazing, in many ways! ... This and many other interesting facts are included in this wonderful atlas. As the authors say: this book is for trilobite enthusiasts. And quite so! It does not waste time on an introduction to trilobites, other than the most basic one. However, it does yield a good portion of information as to where to go look for trilobites. And that exactly might be the focal point of the book; acting as an identification key, in an entertaining and non-scientific manner. The atlas covers trilobites from every corner of the world as well as the whole timespan of the trilobite reign through a very thorough introduction to the major trilobite deposits, a comprehensive reference list, and finally an appendix, which highlights the trilobites included in the book. If you should ever want to indulge in trilobite names and illustrations, this is definitely one of the better ways to go about business. Enjoy!"

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