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New Book Review: Fossil Insects - An introduction to palaeoentomology

Posted by David Penney on

We are pleased to announce an excellent review of our title Fossil Insects: An introduction to palaeoentomology by David Penney & James Jepson, just published in Entomologist's Monthly Magazine (2016, volume 152, page 136). Some snippets from the review: Without a doubt the book is great value for money. The breadth of its content is extensive and impressive. The high quality photographs are appropriately coupled with the text. For those who already  have an interest and a basic grasp of the language and terminology used in palaeontology and entomology, this book is a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the topic. With the extensive referencing and advice on how to become a palaeoentomologist, it is doing wonders at filling a noticeable gap in the market. The authors have made a significant contribution to furthering the popularity of palaeoentomology.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Professor Alexandr Rasnitsyn from the Palaeontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow for his extensive assistance in providing high quality images for the book, particularly for some of the rarer insect fossils. Indeed, this help was invaluable in providing complete coverage as some curators from other large museums refused to cooperate with the project. Alex even went out of his way to take new photographs especially for the book. He is already given a special acknowledgement in the book for his help, but there is no harm in mentioning his important contribution again here.

 Alexandr Rasnitsyn and David Penney

Author Dr David Penney with Professor Alexandr Rasnitsyn

Although published in 2014, this title is ranked number 1 for popularity out of almost 3000 palaeontology titles (including books on dinosaurs!) on the NHBS website. To see why click on the cover below to be taken to the product page, where you can see additional reviews, find out more information and get a discount off the RRP!

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