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Palaeontographical Society Prize awarded to our author Dean Lomax

Posted by David Penney on

We would like to congratulate Dean Lomax on being awarded the Edward Forbes Prize by the Palaeontographical Society, the oldest society devoted specifically to the advancement of palaeontological knowledge. This award aims to recognise outstanding contributions by early career researchers in the field of taxonomic and systematic palaeontology, and specifically for the study of fossils from the British Isles.

Dr Paul Michael Barrett (the president of the society) presenting the award to Dean at the Natural History Museum, London earlier this week.

Dean was awarded the prize for his recent scientific paper describing Ichthyosaurus anningae. However, this is not the first palaeontology award for Dean. In the past few years Dean has received a multitude of awards, including the Marsh Award for Palaeontology (November, 2015), SEAES Postgraduate Research Student Excellence Award (University of Manchester) – Best Contribution to Society for 2015 (November, 2015) and the Gold Medal (G.J. Mendel Award) – Set for Britain 2015 (March, 2015).

These have been awarded for Dean's diverse array of palaeo activities, ranging from his peer reviewed academic work and his broader outreach activities, including co-presenting the two-part ITV documentary Dinosaur Britain, which was based in large part on his highly acclaimed book Dinosaurs of the British Isles. If you want to know what all the fuss is about click the cover below to go to the product page and read the review excerpts posted there. You can also get 10% off our already discounted price using this code at checkout: WELLDONEDEAN (valid for the 50 sales only!)

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