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Book Review: Fossil Insects: An introduction to palaeoentomology

Posted by David Penney on

A nice review of our recent title: Fossil Insects: An introduction to palaeoentomology by David Penney & James E. Jepson has just been published in Priscum, the newsletter of the Paleontological Society (USA, Winter 2016 - volume 23, part 1, pages 42-43). The summary paragraph reads as follows:

"In summary, Fossil Insects: An Introduction to Palaeoentomology is illustrated with 240 high-quality figures; most of them color photographs and found only published in this book. Overall this book is a great addition for everyone with an interest in entomology/ paleoentomology. For amateurs, it gives a nice introduction to the fossil record of insects. For professionals, it offers fantastic images of fossil insects from the most important deposits known to date, as well as a quick reference to the most important insect groups and their basic identification, including an extensive reference list."

To see additional reviews and find out more about this title and how to order a copy please click the cover image below. Don't forget to check out our related titles while you are at it and remember that you will never pay full RRP when you purchase directly from our online store!

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  • These topics are so confnsiug but this helped me get the job done.

    Terry on

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