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The Cicadas of Thailand Volume 2: Taxonomy and Sonic Ethology

The Cicadas of Thailand Volume 2: Taxonomy and Sonic Ethology

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by Michel Boulard

Siri Scientific Press (2013) 978-0-9567795-9-5 (MONOGRAPH SERIES VOLUME 5) RRP £120.00

436 pp, 240 x 165 mm, including 97 colour plates, hard cover, 334 illustrations, 304 b+w photographs, 398 colour photographs

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Antenna (2014): A comprehensive and very impressive book devoted to the cicadas of Thailand. Despite the book contains lots of taxonomic, ecological and ethological information on cicadas of Thailand only, there is no doubt that it will be useful for anyone studying cicadas of the entire SE Asia.  It is indeed a useful reference volume to have both in a private library and in the library of any natural history museum or university.

From the back cover
The present work is the second volume by the author on The Cicadas of Thailand. Volume 1, published in 2007, was subtitled General and Particular Characteristics. This second volume is the culmination of approximately 13 years of research and provides detailed coverage of the taxonomy and sonic ethology of all currently known species of Thai cicadas. Thai cicadas are here represented by 142 species in 42 genera, 6 tribes and 15 subtribes. They are divided between the two main subfamilies: Cicadinae (the vast majority) and Cicadettinae (which account for less than 5% of the species). Various new taxonomic contributions are proposed including the description of several new species.

Cicadas were previously characterized by the author as “entomophonators par excellence” because they have an organ complex specifically for the emission and reception of sounds. This is devoted mainly to procreation and forms a heterosexual apparatus which is complete in males but not in females. The latter are equipped only with the auditory part of the structure. Cicadas emit species-specific tymbalizations (songs), which are available online as supporting material to this volume (111 downloadable audio tracks). These are highly distinctive and can be used for taxonomic identification, largely because of the work of the author and his students. The sonic ethology for each cicada species is illustrated by a graphic transcription (sonogram), corresponding to identity cards and sound ethology cards, with each sonogram described in detail.

Bio-ethological monitoring in the field resulted in the discovery of new and sometimes surprising behaviours, some of which defy comprehension. Ethno-zoological notes are also provided for some species, for example, edible cicadas that can be very popular in local Thai markets. Bio-ecological studies of Thai cicadas helped create a unique image archive and 96 colour plates enrich the work with 400 eco-photographs (snapshots of cicadas in their natural environments), representing a unique and interesting pictorial contribution for an otherwise poorly known tropical insect fauna.

Cicada tymbalization downloads

Audio tracks CD2

01 Chremistica atratula Boulard
02 Chremistica guamusangensis Salmah & Zaidi // 02+: Chr. guamus. in VDO
03 Chremistica inthanonensis Boulard
04 Chremistica moultoni Boulard
05 Chremistica mussarens Boulard
06 Chremistica numida Distant, calling
07 Chremistica numida Distant, courtship
08 Chremistica siamensis Bregman
09 Chremistica sibilussima Boulard
10 Cryptotympana gracilis Hayashi
11 Cryptotympana mandarina Distant
12 Platypleura mira Distant, aggr. tymbal.
13 P. (Poecilopsal.) cespiticola Boulard
14 P. (Poecilopsal.) watsoni Distant
15 P. (Neoplatypl.) nobilis (Germar)
16 P. (Neoplatypl.) badia (Distant)
17 P. (Neoplatypl.) insignis (Distant)
18 Pycna concinna Boulard
19 Angamiana melanoptera Boulard
20 Tosena albata Distant
21 Tosena paviei (Noualhier)
22 Distantalna splendida (Distant)
23 Dundubia nagarasingna Distant
24 Dundubia andamansidensis (Boulard)
25 Dundubia annandalei Boulard
26 Dundubia crepitans Boulard
27 Dundubia oopaga (Distant)
28 Dundubia spiculata Noualhier
29 Dundubia hastata Moulton
30 Platylomia bocki (Distant)
31 Platylomia malickyi Beuk
32 Platylomia operculata Distant
33 Macrosemia tonkiniana (Jacobi)
34 Macrosemia khuanae Boulard
35 Macrosemia umbrata (Distant)
36 Haphsa jsguillotsi (Boulard)
37 Haphsa karenensis Ollenbach
38 Meimuna tavoyana (Distant)
39 Meimuna duffelsi Boulard
40 Orientopsaltria padda (Distant)
41 Orientopsaltria fangrayae Boulard
42 Orientopsaltria bardi Boulard
43 Orientopsaltria beaudouini Boulard
44 Orientopsaltria cantavis Boulard
45 Orientopsaltria musicus Boulard
46 Pomponia linearis (Walker), calling
47 Pomponia linearis (Walker), courtship
48 Pomponia namtokola Boulard
49 Pomponia dolosa Boulard
50 Pomponia gemella Boulard
51 Pomponia orientalis (Distant), calling
52 Pomponia orientalis (Distant), courtship
53 Haphsa scitula (Distant)
54 Pomponia quadrispinae Boulard
55 Pomponia mickwanae Boulard
56 Aola bindusara (Distant)
57 Minipomponia littldollae Boulard
58 Minipomponia fuscacuminis Boulard
59 Leptopsaltria draluobi Boulard
60 Leptopsaltria mickwanae Boulard
61 Leptopsaltria samia (Walker)
62 Maua (quadrituberculata) tavoyana (Oll.)
63 Purana khuanae Boulard
64 Purana johanae Boulard
65 Purana tigrinaformis Boulard
66 Purana tigrinaformis Boulard, calling & courtship
67 Purana doiluangensis Boulard
68 Purana khuniensis Boulard
69 Purana tanae Boulard
70 Purana natae Boulard
71 Purana kpaworensis Boulard
72 Purana chueatae Boulard
73 Purana gemella Boulard
74 Purana ptorti Boulard
75 Purana khaosokensis Boulard
76 Purana phetchabuna Boulard
77 Tanna yanni Boulard
78 Tanna puranoides Boulard
79 Cicadalna takensis Boulard
80 Terpnosia abdullah Distant
81 Terpnosia nonusaprilis Boulard
82 Euterpnosia chibensis nuaiensis Boulard
83 Gudaba maculata Distant
84 Gaeana festiva (Fabricius)
85 Ambragaeana ambra Chou & Yao
86 Balinta tenebricosa (Distant)
87 Balinta flavoterminalia Boulard
88 Balinta minuta Boulard
89 Becquartina electa (Jacobi)
90 Becquartina versicolor Boulard
91 Talainga binghami Distant
92 Mogannia paae Boulard
93 Mogannia caesar Jacobi
94 Mogannia saucia Noualhier
95 Mogannia saucia Noualhier, calling & courtship
96 Mogannia funettae Boulard
97 Huechys philæmata (Fabricius)
98 Huechys beata Chou & Yao
99 Abroma canopea Boulard

Audio Mini-CD 2.2

01 Chremistica phamiangensis Boulard

02 Leptopsaltria jasornensis Boulard
03 Purana mickhuanae Boulard
04 Purana vesperalba Boulard, 5.50 p.m.
05 Purana vesperalba Boulard, 5.45 a.m.
06 Taungia albantennae Boulard
07 Mogannia paae Boulard
08 Abroma cincturae Boulard
09 Abroma impatiens Boulard
10 Pomponia minilinearis Boulard
11 Pomponia fugax Boulard
12 Minipomponia fuscacuminis (2) Boulard

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