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Parks and Nature Reserves of the World

Parks and Nature Reserves of the World

  • £4999

by Francisco Santolalla Fragero

foreword by Eduardo Martinez de Pison

Siri Scientific Press (2024, 31 March) 978-1-7395570-4-1 RRP £49.99

890 pp, 244 x 170 mm, soft cover, 495 colour photographs, 106 maps

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From the back cover

This book represents an astonishing journey through the most valuable natural paradises in the world. All their habitats (polar regions, tundra, taiga, mixed forests, temperate deciduous forests, Mediterranean forests, steppes, deserts, savannas, tropical forests, equatorial rainforests, temperate evergreen forests, mountain ranges, wetlands, coasts and seas) appear before the reader in a selection of the parks and nature reserves that best represent them. The description of these habitats will help us to a better understanding and interpretation of the natural environment. Strolling through any park will be a more satisfying experience if, besides admiring its landscapes and flora and fauna, we get to know the secrets of nature revealed in these pages, and even more if we perceive the fascinating adaptations that plants and animals present faced with environmental difficulties. This book is also a source of practical information for all nature-loving travelers, who will be able to plan itineraries according to their objectives and preferences. 1890 parks from 175 countries are described, with 495 stunning photographs and 106 maps.

Francisco Santolalla Fragero (Córdoba, 1954) is an agricultural engineer that works in editorial and audiovisual activities related to nature. Along with the production company Transglobe Films he has directed numerous documentaries about natural life on the five continents. He is the author of “Los 111 árboles autóctonos de la Península Ibérica y Baleares” (CIMS, Sabadell, 2022), “Parques y Reservas Naturales de España” (CIMS, Sabadell, 2022) and “Parques y Reservas Naturales del Mundo” (CIMS, Sabadell, 2019). With a view to writing this book he has explored all the habitats of Europe, following the route of valuable and representative parks and reserves.

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