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Field Guide to Wildlife of The Gambia 2nd Edition

Field Guide to Wildlife of The Gambia 2nd Edition

  • £1999

by David Penney

Siri Scientific Press (2012) 978-0-9567795-2-6 RRP £19.99

160 pp, 210 x 150 mm, soft cover, 786 colour photographs

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Review from the 1st edition with 120 pages and 550 photos: Amazon customer review: An Essential Companion When Visiting The Gambia:  This is an amazing little book that gives such a range of wildlife as you are likely to see in The Gambia! The pictures are really clear, each one being accompanied by brief but entirely adequate info, with a minimum of the ‘technical stuff’! Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or ‘just a regular tourist’, this book is a must to take to The Gambia - either as a guide for yourself, a present for a friend who lives there, or ... as a donation to a local school!

From the back cover
The Gambia, located on the coast of tropical West Africa supports a diverse range of habitat types, from forests to mangrove swamps, savannah grasslands and coastal ecosystems. It has a rich and diverse flora and fauna, which for some groups such as birds and mammals is relatively well known. However, for groups such as arachnids and most insect orders very little information is available. In this relatively small volume, the author provides close-up macrophotographs and notes on the biology of more than 700 non-marine species, including those most likely to be seen by the vigilant nature lover during a short visit to the country. Many of the species represent the first records for the country and several will almost certainly be new to science. The aim is for the book to be used for identification in the field, so text has been kept to a bare minimum. It is a must for anybody with even a passing interest in wildlife of The Gambia and West Africa in general. The author is a zoologist and world expert on spiders. He has also written several other titles on Gambian wildlife, including butterflies and arachnids.

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