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EBOOK - Escape the Fat Trap: It's not rocket science!

EBOOK - Escape the Fat Trap: It's not rocket science!

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by David Penney DSc, PhD, FRSB

Siri Scientific Press (2017) 978-0-9957496-2-7. RRP: £8.99

128 pp, 210 x 148 mm, soft cover, 80 colour photographs & illustrations

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What people are saying
"Surround yourself with good folk who share your passion and help light a fire inside you, not under you. From novice gym goer, to powerlifting enthusiast and strong as hell bad ass lifter, Dave has continuously challenged himself in mind and body and now shares what he's learnt along the way." Michael Stapleton - Full Contact Performance Centre

"Gym beginner and want to lose some fat??? You need this book." Lee Moran - Freedom Strength

"I have witnessed David's progress and amazing transformation from day 1... He is now my motivation! A must read book!" Andy Tyson - Marine Fit Coach at Full Contact Performance Centre

About this book

The current obesity epidemic has been referred to as a national security issue on a global scale! Why, in our current ‘age of enlightenment’ and availability of options are so many people dangerously overweight and at the same time choosing not to do anything about it? Why is obesity on the increase and what can be done about it? Multi-billion-pound industries have been built upon keeping people confused about diet, exercise and health. Weekly and monthly magazines, all claiming to have the latest answers regarding diet plans and new workouts are available everywhere. So too are books, online blogs and DVDs by the latest clique of celebrities. That there is a constant stream of these in production is clear evidence in itself that none of them is providing a total working and sustainable solution. Governments, health experts, academics, epidemiologists, etc. are at a loss as to how to solve this crisis, because the so-called experts do not agree on which strategies should be implemented on a widespread basis to achieve the behavioural changes in the population needed to reverse the high prevalence rates of obesity. Consequently, if it is left up to these folks then we can only expect the problem to get worse and that is exactly what is happening!

This book provides all the information needed, in as simplistic a form as possible, to set anybody on the road to achieving a great physique in a relatively short period of time. It is not complicated because it does not need to be. As the title states, ‘it isn’t rocket science!’ There are four main elements that combine to make the program effective: Mindset, Nutrition, Progressive Strength Training and Rest. They are equally important and it does not take long to get them all in balance. This program produces remarkable transformations quickly, is truly life changing and is highly rewarding on so many different levels!

How does this book differ from all the others? First, the author has been through the process first hand. He fully understands the mindset required at the outset and how this should develop over time in order to make sustained progress. Second, as a scientist and biologist, he did a great deal of background reading and research as he progressed and there are some great books out there (reference to these are made throughout). However, most are written by fitness coaches (who have not themselves been in the position of being totally out of shape). Most overweight people have a fixed mindset with regard to what they believe they can realistically achieve. This book promotes the ideas of hope and possibility rather than focusing too much on the end result. This serves to transform a fixed mindset into a more progressive one, and once that has been achieved anything is possible. Furthermore, many existing books contain too much superfluous information with regard to physiological processes, anatomy, biomechanics, etc., which will confound readers without a reasonable background in science and may lead them to put the book down before they have got to the really useful stuff. Of course, such information is absolutely necessary if you want to understand exactly why what you are doing works, but knowing this theory it is not a prerequisite to actually doing what works – that can easily be added later if the reader feels so inclined. Hence, what is presented here is a manual that has been stripped down in order to streamline its efficiency for the task at hand. Finally, none of the existing books provide a complete and holistic approach as presented here, incorporating mindset, nutrition, training and rest, pitted at a level that will be easily understood by a general readership. The aim is for it to be read in just a day or two (and subsequently to serve as a reference guide) in order to promote the holistic concept and encourage rapid engagement with the process.

To see a 90 second video of the author's body transformation or to download the preface for free, please follow this link:

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