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Spiders of Kazakhstan

Spiders of Kazakhstan

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by Dmitri .V. Logunov and Alex V. Gromov with illustrations by V.A. Tomokhanov

Siri Scientific Press (2012) 978-0-9567795-6-4 RRP £40.00

232 pp, 240 x 165 mm, soft cover, 203 colour illustrations

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Newsl. British Arachnol. Soc (2013): Based on the fabulous artwork and the unusual geographic location, I believe, that most arachnologists who see this book will want to have a copy for their own library. It will also appeal to anybody with a general interest in the natural history of Central Asia.

From the back cover
This book is devoted to spiders of one of the poorly studied regions of the Earth, the Republic of Kazakhstan, which lies in Central Asia. To date, there is no single catalogue or illustrated identification guide to the spiders of Kazakhstan. Therefore, this book constitutes the first major documentation of this interesting fauna, providing a richly illustrated popular account of 176 spider species of 41 families, which represent most of the genera (except those of Linyphiidae) recorded from Kazakhstan. The general appearance of 45 species is illustrated in colour for the first time. The book also contains complete checklists of all the arachnids, apart from Acari (mites and ticks), recorded from Kazakhstan to date: Araneae (spiders) – 978 species; Opiliones (harvestmen) – 21 species; Solifugae (camel spiders) – 13 species; Scorpiones (scorpions) – five species; and Pseudoscorpiones (false-scorpions) – 25 species.

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