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Titles in Preparation

Some of our new titles currently in preparation

Covers are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change. When publication dates are finalized they will be mentioned in our blog and on our Facebook page, which can be followed using the icon in the footer.

Fossils of the Milwaukee Formation British Trilobites The Geology and Fossils of the North West Coast of the Isle of Wight
Ichthyosaurs from the early Jurassic of Britain Fossils of Folkestone


In preparation or under consideration:

• Fossils of the Milwaukee Formation: A Middle Devonian Paleoecosystem from Wisconsin, USA (due 2018/9)
• Inclusions in Baltic Amber (due 2017/8)
• British Trilobites (due mid-late 2017)
• Neotropical Spiders: a manual of biodiversity and identification (due 2017/8)
• Diagnostic Radioentomology: Using X-ray Computed Tomography for Non-Invasive Entomology (due 2017/8)
• Arachnida of the Galapagos Islands
• True Bugs of the World second edition (due 2017)
• Ichthyosaurs from the Early Jurassic of Britain (due 2017/8)
• A Guide to the Butterflies of New Zealand and the Chatham Islands
• Spiders of Iran: An introduction to their diversity and identification
• The geology and fossils of the north west coast of the Isle of Wight (due 2017)
• British Fossil Insects
• Late Mesozoic insects from the extremities of Eurasia
• Spiders of Thailand
• Fossils of Folkestone, Kent (due 2017)
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